Melbourne to Canada…

I know, it’s been a while since I last blogged and so much has happened. For most of which you kind of had to be there though, which is the exact reason I didn’t blog about it. So this is basically a wrapup of our travels in one article! Nothing exciting, just to keep you posted.

In Australia we met up with many of our dearest friends. We had a party every night and to be honest that just wore us out completely and made us realize we are not 35 anymore… It started in Melbourne and then continued, after we did the Great Ocean Road, in Victor Harbor and Adelaide.

The apostles on the Great Ocean Road.
Victor Harbor on the land of Tom & Suzie
Victor Harbor bridge

We then attended the wedding of Georgia and Ben on one of the most beautiful spots in Australia: Pitcairn station where the bride was born and raised. I became her nanny (accidentally by the way, it just happened that way) for a few weeks in 1997 and taught her and her brother the lessons they were supposed to learn. As the sheep station was too far from a regular school, they were home-schooled with the School on the Air. Occasionally I also ‘worked’ on the station. I don’t think I was of any use really, but I had a lot of fun doing it. Driving around on motorbikes to herd a flock of sheep into another paddock, inoculating them for cheesy gland (and myself as well while I was at it), drinking tea from the billy. Good times… Being at the wedding did bring it all back and it was great to see the bride all grown up :-).

We were invited to stay as long as we wanted, but to be honest our livers just couldn’t handle it, so we went on our way to cross the Nullarbor instead (drinking water mostly!). We stopped at most viewpoints and were amazed by the cliffs. Unfortunately no whales this time of year, so we’ll have to do it again some time!

Penong Windmill museum, very picturesque.
One of the most photographed signs on the Nullarbor highway.
A random viewpoint along the way.
The actual Nullarbor, photographed while driving I think! No trees in sight for hundreds of miles. Compared to prairie land, it’s very lush though…
The largest kangaroo somewhere along the Nullarbor highway. You cannot miss it.
That really is a long straight stretch; thankfully hubby is used to this kind of thing!
Kangaroos chilling on the beach in Esperance. Definitely some of the prettiest beaches on the continent. But quite cool, we did see people swim, but we thought it a bit too cold…
The Hayden Wave rock. This is it. There is not anymore wave rock. We figured it was a bit too hyped maybe?

In Perth we met up with my brother and his family and their dog Xena. That dog is definitely a warrior and we all had fun walking on the beach with her. She also loved running after her ball and swimming and meeting up with other dogs, so much so that she just didn’t want to come home. We had to use all our smarts to make her jump into the car again, haha. Cool dog! We also had dinner and/or drinks with my friends from the first times I came to Perth and it was great to catch up with every one!

Renee & Ruben, Amber & Rogier, Rob & Liesbeth, Billy, David, Markus & Sonia, Tom & Suzie, Ali & Cov, Ross & Gen, Georgia & Ben, David, Ralph & Martine, Youp & Valerie, Olwyn, Lee & Nathan, Eljay, Raewyn & Marc and of course Xena: you all made our trip through Oz unforgettable and since we are not very good with goodbye’s we’ll just say: ‘We had a ripper! If you are ever in the neighborhood of Calgary, please drop in!’

From Perth onwards to The Netherlands where we had a quick hello and goodbye again with some of my friends (Caecile & Hans, Sandra& Bas, Ineke & Guido, Shanti, Harriet, Saskia, Geertje & Frans, and of course my parents!). Also, it was great to be in Holland in spring for the first time in a long time and to see the world grow greener every day.

The little bench in the Breda forrest from where you can see the forrest turn greener every day.

And then, then we caught our flight to London. It just so happened that it was more convenient to get to Canada that way and also we figured we’d have one more night on the road before settling in in our new country. The weather was lovely, but we were so damned tired, we stayed in the hotel and enjoyed the room service haha. Better luck next time 🙂

Entering Canada was easy-peasy and after staying with one of hubby’s sisters for a few days, we moved to Brooks, where we are going to live for the next while. We actually have a house there, but it needs a bit of remodeling and that’s what will keep us busy for the next few months. Currently we live in the Bunk house on Dave’s parent’s old farm that is now run by his sister. It is nice and most of all quiet and relaxing. Something we’d been looking forward to for a while now.

From this place I’ll be filling in this stack of forms to ask Canada politely if I can stay here with my husband. Since we do not have children, we also have to prove that hubby and I are in a committed relationship. We need pictures, social media conversations, and letters from people that we are together for real and not for the visa. This sounds easier than you think. For years we did not take pictures of anything and when we did we put it on a hard drive that is currently somewhere in our container.

So, if you have a great picture of hubby and me in a nice social setting (for instance with you in it as well) then please send it to me via email. You know the address (if not, then PM me).


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