For the First Time

Yesterday my husband and I had our first anniversary and it gave us some time to reflect on the last year. It has been a year of many firsts. For the first time both of us got married, for the first time we rented a house together, for the first time we chose art together,... Continue Reading →

Nag Nag

This is going to be a somewhat angry and whiney post, so if you’re not up for it, just skip it and wait for my next post about happier times here in Mexico. Next week I should be good… For those of you who stayed, a short introduction to the problem: D. has been gone... Continue Reading →


It was about time for another party. Fortunately my husband’s (Dutch) company provided the perfect excuse: this year is the celebration for their 50th anniversary. The boss asked me if he could use our backyard for an informal family bbq event and if I would like to organize it. It just had to be something... Continue Reading →

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