For the First Time

Yesterday my husband and I had our first anniversary and it gave us some time to reflect on the last year. It has been a year of many firsts. For the first time both of us got married, for the first time we rented a house together, for the first time we chose art together, for the first time we bought a couch and a car together, etc. Nothing too shocking, but moving to Mexico made it an exciting year.

Apparently the ‘stay at home wife’ used to be a trend way back when and it is coming back into fashion as we speak.

For me personally there were a lot of first’s too. For the first time, I am living the life of a ‘a stay at home wife’. This is an interesting experiment. I have learned that I feel better when I have a sense of productivity. When I had a job, this sense was automatically included, but without a job it became a conscious choice.

Thankfully, I have internet. For the first time I’m using Internet as a lifeline, the way many others already did long before me. I don’t mean by playing games or using Facebook or looking up definitions for things, but I mean by working online, sharing online, building a productive life online. This blog is first evidence of that, as well as your positive feedback. But I ventured on from there and now I am also subtitling TV-series for the deaf and I enrolled in 3 Coursera courses that come with online platforms and discussions between students all over the world. Also, I had my first online conference last week about social media and how to use it effectively. That was an eye-opener. I know that social media is hot and that a lot of people are using it commercially, but I never quite figured out how or what the point was. Now I have and I intend to make use of it in the future. You know, when I’ve figured out what to do when I grow up.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to celebrate our anniversary the way we intended. You know, like having a toast with champagne. Because, also for the first time, I had a terrible ear infection. It started the day D. came home last Saturday and since we’ve made several nightly trips do a doctor, a hospital and the pharmacy. Now I am doped up on heavy antibiotics, ibuprofen, paracetamol and ear drops that also contain antibiotics. I really had no idea how incredibly painful an ear infection is.

No anniversary is complete without champagne or  presents. We decided on ‘paper’ presents for this one.

In the end we toasted with lemonade, but it didn’t really matter. The most important thing is that we are really, truly happy with each other as life’s companion. So next week, we’ll just celebrate our 1st year and 1st week anniversary, and we’ll do it right!


10 thoughts on “For the First Time

  1. Happy anniversary! I hope your ear infection gets better fast! Just make sure you take all your antibiotics so that it doesn’t come back! (I saw a really funny cartoon on facebook the other day of one bacterium beside a dying bacterium say “hang in there buddy, you’ll bounce back, they didn’t take their full course of antibiotics!)

    • Hi Katrina, thanks, and yes I will take all the antibiotics because I surely don’t want to risk getting this again. And it seems to be working, because I did get most of my hearing back tonight 🙂

  2. Van harte proficiat met al weer 1 jaar samen! Niet te geloven dat het al weer een jaar geleden is dat jullie besloten je te verbinden met elkaar. En wat hebben jullie in dat jaar samen veel nieuwe ervaringen opgedaan en fijn dat er zo’n positieve balance is. Heel veel sterkte met je oorontsteking, wordt snel beter en maak er nog een gezellig feestje van volgende week!

    • Thank you and I am feeling much better right now. Got my hearing back and am more or less painfree. 3 more days of antibiotics should definitely kill it… I hope 🙂

  3. Hi Pleun, Happy Anniversary… And may both of you have many many years of togetherness ! Hope you feel better… And hello and congrats to D… Sumon…

    BTW, I do read your blogs….. And I think they are brutally honest.. As expected from you…

  4. Hi Pleun!
    Bon anniversaire à tous les 2! Miss you a lot here for all the reasons you know already…Enjoy your delayed anniversary with D, and your life in Mexico. I’m happy you’ve found lots of activities to do while you’re “wife at home”. You’re right that you need to have some sense of accomplishement. Enjoy your discovery of the social media.

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