Daily Life in Canada

I arrived in Canada on April 10, 2019 with my Canadian husband. We are settling in Brooks because that is his hometown. We may not stay here forever, but for now it’s home. It is also at the start of prairie land in Canada. Between here and the Atlantic there are a few thousand km’s of grassland. Or so they tell me.

Even though Canada is a great country and the Canadians generally are super nice people, things are different here. Since I’m surrounded by Canadians, I’m the only one who things are weird, or who doesn’t get what the rest are talking about. It’s not necessarily a language matter, but more a cultural lack on my part.

This blog allows me to vent and rave about the things I come across or notice. It’s mostly good, but sometimes not, but always different from what I’m used to. Hopefully all is for you to enjoy!

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