Mexico City

I went to Mexico City last week, or to Mexico as they say here. Since it is always better to visit a new city with someone who knows where to go and what to do or see, I was very lucky that I had my own personal guide. Friend A. is very knowledgeable about her... Continue Reading →


Allow me to give you a beauty tip that will change your world. Well, maybe not your world, but definitely your hair! A few weeks ago, I spoke to a lady about psoriasis (I have this on my head, under my hair) and she recommended using flax-seed (linseed, lijnzaad, linaza) in combination with sunbathing.... Continue Reading →


As you may have noticed, I did not post last week. I was traveling on the North American continent. I spent a total of 60 hours in Canada. In hindsight we wondered what that was all about, but still, I had a lot of fun visiting the husband’s family and friends. After Canada, I went... Continue Reading →

My Very First Award

Being from Holland I did not grow up with awards. The Dutch motto mostly is: just act normal, that's crazy enough. But I have to say that it is cool to get one and therefore... I am proud to announce that Crazy Train to Tinky Town nominated me for the following award: I am happy to... Continue Reading →

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