Pleun buys a car

We have been looking for a car, but weren’t really sure what we wanted. The only thing we did know was that it shouldn’t break the bank. Therefore we were looking in the used car department. Initially we thought: truck. When in Canada do as the Canadians and apparently all Canadians drive a truck. I am exaggerating slightly, but the ones that do, drive very big trucks.

We wanted a smaller truck, one with a big box (pardon the lingo, but it is the most important part); unfortunately most Canadian trucks come with a crew cab. That means you can take a lot of people and less stuff. We wanted to be able to take less people but more stuff… We are obviously not typical Canadian.

We looked online and found a few options. We tried to call and email the sellers, but they didn’t even bother to contact us. A huge change to Singapore where everyone was on the ball with everything digital.

We test drove two different types of truck at the local dealer: one monster truck (in our opinion) and one smaller but still decent sized one. I won’t bore you with the details, but we couldn’t decide what we wanted. Our main problem is that we don’t really know what we will need, so it is hard to anticipate on that. Neither hubby nor I care about brands, size or cc’s (as long as it’s red ;-)) so we are pretty hopeless on making decisions.

Then we were told about the Brooks Auction in the north of town and we figured we might as well go and have a look. We found two cool cars: a Jeep and a Ford truck with a bespoke box (I hate that I now know enough about this stuff to write in lingo, but suffice to say they were both very cool!). We decided to go for it on auction day.

Neither of us had ever been to an auction or actually knew anything about auctions, unless you count watching ‘Storage wars’. So we did our homework on what those cars should cost and set our maximum price. We also decided to go early in the day to get the lay of the land. When we arrived at 2pm (the car auction was going to be last on the agenda) there were three different auctions going: furniture, all sorts of indoor stuff and all sorts of outdoor stuff. We hang out at the latter, and we saw people buy rocks for in the garden, trailers for their animals, doors and windows from a DIY store, dog kennels, scaffolding stuff, tires and many, many items I still cannot figure out what they were for.

We were interested in a lot of stuff, but since we didn’t own wheels (yet) we figured we should maybe not go for any of it just yet. There is always another auction!

At 7pm (!) they finally got to the cars and all went smoothly. When they got to ‘our’ car hubby suddenly spotted a ‘thing’ he had to check out. I wasn’t sure what he meant and whether I should bid or not. When he came back from the checking it out, he didn’t say a word; the bidding on our car had started and we were not in it. So I hissed at him: “Yes or no?” He looked surprised at me, not understanding what I meant and in the background the bidding just went on. “Should we bid or not?” “Yes! Of course!” I went “Arghhh” and then nodded at the auctioneer.

It turned out we were just in time, they were already going once and when I nodded they started the countdown again. That lasted for the longest time, but nobody else bid and therefore we were the proud owner of the Jeep. Way below our max price, so in our minds we did well.

The second car (Ford with bespoke box) went for a whole lot more than we were willing to pay. So we didn’t even get to bid on it. But we were happy anyway, we got the car registered and insured and we will have it checked out by a mechanic.

But we got wheels: the number one requirement for living in a rural town in Canada.

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  1. Ge-wel-dig verhaal! Volgende week ff bellen? Na t weekend !
    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

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