Montezuma’s Revenge

While I was spending all that time on the loo last week, I wondered about the term Montezuma’s revenge. I got the revenge part, but why Montezuma? Who was he, and why does he want revenge? Well, in short, Montezuma II was the name of the ruling Aztec Emperor with whom the Spanish started their,... Continue Reading →

Update after a Hurricane

Ernesto came and went. It was a bad storm and I’ve never seen so much rain come out of the sky. My parents, who just arrived two days earlier, witnessed it, while my husband went to the office as if everything was normal. But it was not. The day before, I figured that we should... Continue Reading →


It is time to talk about the weather for a change, or rather the weather report. In Veracruz the weather report is pretty much the same every day. It is hot when the sun shines and cooler when the clouds come in (details on temperature vary daily). You can expect a thunderstorm pretty much most... Continue Reading →

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