It is time to talk about the weather for a change, or rather the weather report. In Veracruz the weather report is pretty much the same every day. It is hot when the sun shines and cooler when the clouds come in (details on temperature vary daily). You can expect a thunderstorm pretty much most days, but usually the rain falls at night. Pretty perfect, really.

So perfect, that I totally forgot about the hurricane season. Until Ernesto came into our lives. Ernesto is the name of the tropical storm that is about to hit Mexico tomorrow night or maybe Wednesday morning. The East coast of Yucatán is under a hurricane watch. This does not mean that people are trying to find the best spot to look out for it, but that they are trying to bolt down everything that can possibly fly. Or so I assume.

We all kind of keep track of the latest developments and during my search today, I stumbled on the following report from “During its entire life from its pre-T.D. formative stages through now, Ernesto has been ebbing and flowing from day to day between being healthier and struggling. Today, the storm is much better organized, in fact the healthiest it has been in its entire life.”

Who writes this stuff? He is the healthiest he has been its entire life? How miserable has his life been up till now? And he has been struggling? How so? Or should I say poor Ernesto? They make it sound like a tropical storm or even a hurricane is the preferred option. I bet the people in Yucatán feel different about healthy and organized Ernesto.

There people are waiting for him to hit land with hurricane force. Or it ‘just’ may be tropical storm force, nobody knows for sure. The difference between the two is that a hurricane tends to move with 104-252 km/hour and a tropical storm moves with 52-102 km/hour. At the time of writing Ernesto is expected to hit with a speed of 119 km/hour.

Here in Veracruz we will likely not experience the full force of it, although it may be windy on Thursday and/or Friday. Or not, depending on how quickly Ernesto speeds to his death while going overland.

I wish everyone on the Yucatán peninsula the best of luck and I hope Ernesto turns out to be suffering from emphysema.

The force speed probabilities (left) and the predicted track for hurricane Ernesto (right) in the next 5 days .
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4 thoughts on “Ernesto

  1. We’ve had a hurricane here a couple years ago (karl) It hit on Chachalacas beach, where you can go eating and be at home far before noon. The storm was bad, but the next day were worse and the next even worst… All the rain left in the mountains came down the rivers and burst its banks (forgive my google, je!). There were very bad days for many people, even between some we know.
    I really hope Ernesto (that already hited Quintana Roo coasts), gets an emphysema too!

    • According to the U.S. hurricane center, Ernesto’s predicted course is taking it to Mexico’s Gulf coast near the city of Veracruz, and it might become a hurricane again just before reaching there around Thursday evening. I guess we better go stock up…

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