Update after a Hurricane

My parents came loaded with presents; they know what their daughter needs!

Ernesto came and went. It was a bad storm and I’ve never seen so much rain come out of the sky. My parents, who just arrived two days earlier, witnessed it, while my husband went to the office as if everything was normal.

But it was not. The day before, I figured that we should prepare; just in case electricity would go down and/or we had to evacuate. I read up on it on internet and went out to buy non-perishable foods and filled up the car with gas. In hindsight that seems a little ridiculous, especially since nothing happened. But the sky was grey and the wind became stronger and we just had no idea what to expect.

In the meantime Ernesto had landed as a healthy hurricane in Yucatán. The news was a little meager, and we couldn’t figure out whether this was because really nothing had happened, or whether there just was no contact possible. Either way, it was expected that Ernesto would regain strength over the Gulf of Mexico and that meant that anything was possible.

In hindsight, for my parents Ernesto worked out well. Since we had to stay in, it gave them time to get over the jet lag and I have to say, that the weather was cool the first two or three days of their stay here. Ernesto shot through quickly, bringing really heavy winds and a lot, seriously a lot of rain.

What we have learned is that the Veracruz people are not too worried by the storms, they worry about what happens the two or so days after the hurricane. Experience has told them that things can get much worse. Two years ago the floods after the hurricane killed more people than the actual hurricane, and a tremendous amount of the damage was done. You see, all that water that falls from the sky, also falls in the mountains that start relatively close to here. And the next day or two all that water comes rushing back down to Veracruz, dragging a lot of stuff along. This time mainly uprooted trees got deposited on ‘our’ beach.

Our beloved beach four days after Ernesto visited.

As far as I know, no one got killed by Ernesto in Veracruz and no serious damage was done. But then again I cannot follow the Mexican news, so I may be way off.

After the hurricane my parents and I lived the holiday life and D. joined us on the weekends. We visited tons of sites I hadn’t seen before either. And if we were not visiting anything, my father was fixing stuff. He is quite good at it and we are now the proud owners of four to six telephone connections, a working alarm system and a lot of other things got glued, wired, taped, drilled and hammered. My mom loves to puzzle and quilt, and she helped me along on both counts. Furthermore, we drank copious amounts of wine and margarita’s, had luscious lunches and dinners, the girls suffered from Montezuma’s revenge (first time for me too) and we basically had a merry old time.

And then came the day that they had to leave. A sad day really, but they promised to come back soon. While I am publishing this post, they are arriving in Amsterdam again and I hope they had a really good trip home. The good news is that those of you who will come for a visit, will benefit from the excellent experiences we had. And I promise to not revisit the café where Montezuma found us.


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