Busy, Busy, Busy

I know I haven’t published in a while. Not because things are bad, but because things are exceptionally well. I am super busy doing super things. And this is how it began. After we moved into our current home, we had more stuff than we could fit in. So I wanted to donate all the … Continue reading

Life Is Good

It’s been a while since I last blogged, but we have been really busy. A quick catch-up on how we spent our time here in Singapore. Life is tough here 😉 Continue reading

Chinese Wisdom

First of all I wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. I know you may think it’s a bit late, but that is a matter of perspective as we are right between the Western and Chinese New Year, so I figured it can still be said. We had a lovely Christmas … Continue reading

We got Mail!

We are settling into our new house and new country. We have been busy doing the things you do when you move into a new house, such as unpacking boxes, drilling holes, figuring out where stuff needs to go and finding a place that sells toilet paper. There’s one box left, but I’m sure we’ll … Continue reading

Happy News

The Singapore News Bulletin on TV is great! It is good news mostly, except of course when it is about what happens in the rest of the world. If they mess up, there is nothing Singapore can do about it. Apart from the rare fire, another Dengue outbreak and the occasional murder, nothing bad happens … Continue reading

They Love Me Here!

I am very popular among part of the Singapore population. I am definitely more popular than hubby; maybe more popular than anyone on our street or even the whole of Singapore? I am not sure about the extent yet, but I might just be the most popular girl in town. From the moment we moved … Continue reading

Ear Plugs not Included

So we went to the Grand Prix. Well, actually we got tickets to the practice night on the Friday before the Grand Prix. They were given to us and that was awesome; we got to see the action up close and feel the vibe of the event the City had prepared for since we arrived. … Continue reading

First Impressions

Last Friday morning 9.30 am. Hubby and I have been in Singapore for 4 days, doing the stuff we need to get done: getting a bank account, a visa, visiting the office for the first time and running around in general to get electrical converter plugs, a guide-book (in English), an umbrella, and all sorts … Continue reading

Going Home!?

It’s only been a week since our stuff went into the container and was sent off to Singapore, but man, have we been on a ride ourselves! As you can imagine we are wowed by Singapore, there’s enough blog fodder to keep me going for the next few weeks. First we had to get here. … Continue reading

Moving On

Finally, we are moving! It was a bit of a long wait, but now the date is set and by the end of next week, all our stuff will be in a container on its way to Singapore. Not sure when we follow, but probably soon after that. We’ve been very busy (or rather hubby has … Continue reading