Happy Canada Day

Today is July first and in Canada this means Canada Day and that means PARTY. Or so I thought. It turns out they celebrate stuff a little different around here…. As far as I can tell, no celebration is even worth that term if there isn’t a pancake breakfast. The breakfast is usually sponsored and... Continue Reading →

My First Graduation

After I saw graduations on tv where everyone throws their caps in the air, I always wanted one myself. That never happened, but I did visit one, so that is a close second 😉

Pleun buys a car

You got to have a car when in Canada, how else will you get from parking lot to parking lot in minus 20. So, our first mission was to get one and here's how we did it!

Pleun goes Canada

My first weeks in Canada, it sounds easier than it is. I'm surrounded by Canadians who think everything is normal here. It is not...

Melbourne to Canada…

Our last blog about our trip, which summarized pretty much the whole last month of it. We had a fantastic ride through Australia and a great start of spring in Holland. Now we are in Canada, and I need help from my friends...


I can hear you think: what? A whole country in one post? And the answer is: yes indeed! Traveling hard for about five months takes its toll: we are totally buggered and need a break. We had big plans to move on to Laos and then Cambodia and were then going to drive from Sydney... Continue Reading →

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