Today I think I may have played a guest role in the series ‘The Office’, or 'Candid Camera' maybe. I am booking flights and hotels for a holiday that is coming up with friends from Canada. I am trying to get everything done online, as Mexico is quite up to date on all this internet... Continue Reading →

Blog of the Year

I know, it’s silly, but every time I get an award from a fellow blogger, it feels good. My non-blogging readers probably know me (or my husband) and are much more forgiving than any stranger would be. So if one of those ‘strangers’ thinks my writing is worth a nomination, it think that’s cool. One... Continue Reading →

Holy Shit, Wow!

I am in Paradise, Las Vegas as we speak (the real name of the neighborhood, better known as the Strip). It's amazing, overwhelming, great, awesome!!! It's my first time and I cannot decide between 'Wow' or 'Holy shit'! So mostly I go around thinking: 'Holy shit! Wow! Holy Shit! Wow!' etc. Stuff is crazy around... Continue Reading →

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