Holy Shit, Wow!

I am in Paradise, Las Vegas as we speak (the real name of the neighborhood, better known as the Strip). It’s amazing, overwhelming, great, awesome!!! It’s my first time and I cannot decide between ‘Wow’ or ‘Holy shit’! So mostly I go around thinking: ‘Holy shit! Wow! Holy Shit! Wow!’ etc. Stuff is crazy around here, but a good crazy, not weird crazy. You get bombarded with impulses: everywhere you look there are either flashing lights, TVs, billboards, etc. And the fun starts at the airport: a smoking lounge (for real!) with slot machines.

From left top to right bottom: airport, Paris casino, New York-New York casino, Coca Cola and M&M shops, inside of Luxor pyramid, Police car/bike?, Luxor hotel entrance, fake beach with waves!, cup holders on the loo, Fremont street by day, possibly the grossest restaurant ever (over 350 Lbs eats free)

We are staying in the Luxor hotel, it is in the shape of a pyramid and the interior is, as you can probably guess, old-Egyptian, mixed with contemporary shows and museums located inside the huge atrium. And there is of course also the casino. This hotel is one of the largest in the world, and we keep getting lost. Just after we arrived we felt like going outside to explore the town. The hotels are designed to keep you inside, so we could not find the exit and got caught up at a craps table, where they taught me the game. After breaking even (took two hours!) we’d had enough and followed the crowd to try to find the exit. Unbeknownst to us, it turned out that our hotel is connected to the two neighboring hotels, and all we managed to do is make it to the next hotel’s casino.

As far as casino’s go, they all look pretty much the same, so we decided to go skip that and go for dinner. The next day, we finally managed to get outside and went to Fremont street (the old city center  before they built the Strip), had lunch in the Stratosphere with an awesome view over the city and as the restaurant revolves, you get to see it all. It really isn’t that big when you look down on it from that high (250m?), but it really has a great view. And if you’re not into that you could always do (one of) the thrill rides: Insanity (dangles riders over the edge of the tower and then spins you around at about forty miles per hour) and Xscream (propels you headfirst, 27 feet over the edge of the tower and then you’ll dangle above the Las Vegas Strip before being pulled back and propelled over again and again) to me are the scariest rides ever. No way I would ever try them, I just don’t trust engineering that much.

View of the strip from the Stratosphere tower and the crazy rides you can take.

I prefer my entertainment with two feet planted on Earth. And thankfully there is enough: everyone who is anyone here in the US plays Las Vegas, so chances are you get to see a singer or show you always wanted to. Alternatively there are like eight Circe du Soleil shows you can choose from or see magicians, comedians, or musicals. And then there is always the shopping: the Coca-Cola store, the M&M store (with four floors of candy), the Margarita store (where you buy your margarita per yard), the fridge magnet store, etc. Although if you forgot your tooth paste you’d be hard pressed to find a drug store or a Wal-Mart.

Luxor by night and other views taken from THEhotel, as well as one of the many bridal parties we came across (Aren’t we happy?)

It is just too much! There aren’t enough hours in the night to do it all. But men, is it awesome to try!


20 thoughts on “Holy Shit, Wow!

  1. Sounds cool Pleun… Enjoy and have fun.. BTW if you win loads of money don’t forget your old friend … I am sure D is having as much fun as you.. Have fun :). Sumon

    • When we were planning to come here the Hoover Dam was very high on my list. And then I got so ‘wowed’ I never left the city’s borders. I guess I’ll have to do it a next time (as well as winning those big millions :-))

    • I am sure you would love it there. And I’m looking forward to seeing your face while you’re on one of those rides, so make sure someone takes your picture! 😉

  2. He liefie, jeeee dit ziet er uit like party time!!! En…. echt zo anders dan wat wij straks gaan doen, haha, have fun! Maar, dat doen jullie al! Wat ik echt space vind is de lichtstraal uit de Pyramide, cool!
    kus ook voor Dave ❤

    • Die lichtstraal is inderdaad mega-cool. Het schijnt zo te zijn dat je hem vanuit vliegtuigen vanaf 443 km kunt zien (op cruising altitude, wat dat ook zijn mag), da’s dus zeg maar een afstand van Breda naar Parijs! Bizar he!
      Jullie heel veel succes en vooral veel plezier. Ga je ook bloggen?

  3. I would describe Las Vegas as an “acquired taste”.

    I stayed at the Luxor a few years ago and would describe the “ding ding ding” of the casino slot-machine halls as “my idea of hell”. The noise nearly drove me insane.

    Then again, I´m one of the people who rode the rides on top of the Stratosphere hotel! 🙂

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