Blog of the Year

I know, it’s silly, but every time I get an award from a fellow blogger, it feels good. My non-blogging readers probably know me (or my husband) and are much more forgiving than any stranger would be. So if one of those ‘strangers’ thinks my writing is worth a nomination, it think that’s cool.

One of my best blogging-mates is Dallas from Crazy Train to Tinky Town. We started around the same time and she shared some very interesting stories about living in Turkey as a foreigner. We obviously had a lot of the same issues, and although Turkey is very different from Mexico, I recognized a lot from her stories. And there were moments where I really needed to know I wasn’t alone in trying to blend into a new, strange world. Apart from that she has some hilarious stories and photos that never failed to make me laugh.

And she nominated me for the ‘Blog of 2012’ award:

Thank you Dallas, and I would really like to re-nominate you for your next star. I cannot think of another blog that deserves it more.


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