Construction has started!

We have been busy, very busy. Hubby in particular has worked incredibly hard in demolishing the house we are going to live in. We stripped it all the way to the outer walls and everything else is gone. Could we have started a whole new house? Yes, of course, but where is the fun in that?

The original house – from 1918 or 1923 according so some documents? –  has been extended twice, once in the forties and once in the sixties. Fun-fact (now, not for the renter who lived in it for the last five years) is that we found a total of 50cm2 of insulation in all of the walls. Yes, that’s right: it was not insulated at all. But it turns out that the walls were really, really thick as they put some stucco on top of the original siding (which is not the way to go these days). So if we count that as insulation, it couldn’t have been too bad this last February at – 40Celsius?

So, the good news is that we got all our permits sorted and that yesterday the construction finally started! Since they are building with wood only (no bricks) it goes a lot faster than I could imagine, the annex disappeared this morning and next week they’ll get rid of the entire roof.

As far as building quality goes, I can see why the Canadian government has decided that all construction work has to be Okayed by a county building inspector. There are a lot of examples of ‘creative building’ in our house and our contractor was amazed that no one actually fell through a floor in the last (almost) hundred years. And then he got busy and actually became the first person falling through the floor in (almost) a hundred years… Apparently, we kind of own a Jengo house: when you take away one beam, the whole thing might come tumbling down. Thankfully, contractor is alright and very motivated to make it all good!

Now that we are looking at just the outer walls, it’s easier to decide what needs to be done on the inside. We can exactly see what beams are broken or not supported (yes, not kidding). And  I also get a better idea of how big all the spaces are going to be, and that makes planning the lay-out of the bathrooms and kitchen a little easier for me. Hubby has done most of it on paper already, so it’s mostly about checking whether it will work for real.

I personally cannot wait till this construction phase of the renovation is done, because then we’ll go into the most fun part of it all: the finishing!


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