I guess the title kind of gives it away: I beat the ants! I now have a nice green grassy field in my backyard and no ants to spoil the fun. And I did it without chemicals. I have to admit I was very tempted to go get some. Some friends even thought I was... Continue Reading →


Today is not a happy day. I know that there is crime all over the world. In every city around the globe people get killed and usually it is not much more than an article in the newspaper. Today is different, because I saw the consequences. The victim went out early Monday morning to go... Continue Reading →

To Battle! (2)

Round 1 I boiled tons of water and deposited it on the hostile army camps. It was a surprise attack and they never saw it coming. While depositing I found another 15 or so nests and they were ‘treated’ as well. I decided to wait with the celebration after a good night’s sleep (this fighting... Continue Reading →

To Battle! (1)

Today I am standing before a big task and I need to mentally prepare myself. Apparently part of the preparation is writing to you about it, as I am alone in the house and no one is here to listen to my worries, questions, complaints, etc. The task that lays ahead means that I have... Continue Reading →

Tag, You’re It!

When I started blogging I basically saw it way to keep in touch with all my friends and family abroad. I had just moved to Mexico and felt it would be easier this way. I had never really paid any attention what goes on in the blogging world, but since March I have learned a lot.... Continue Reading →

I’ll Call You (Not)!

It took me two months before I learned how to call my husband on his mobile phone from my own home phone! I prefer to think of myself as reasonably smart, but I just could not figure out the Mexican system. You are probably rolling your eyes right now and wondering: seriously? Just pick up... Continue Reading →


I went up to Ciudad del Carmen this weekend again to visit my husband, and this time I went on a Thursday instead of the Friday. I was kind of glad to leave Veracruz; the Navy was practicing daily for the Navy day last Friday, and it felt a little like living in a war... Continue Reading →

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