Posted in May 2012

La Cajita

Dear Bo, I know I promised your mother I would send you the cutest baby outfit I could find in Mexico. And I did find a very cute little dress that I thought would look really good on you this summer. But getting it to you is a bit of a problem. Let me tell … Continue reading

The Dentist

Last week I had to go to the dentist. And this experience made me think about all the different experiences I had with dentists and why I hate going there so much. I blame my first dentist. He happily drilled and filled holes in my young but porous teeth and all without anesthesia. That did … Continue reading

To Palenque and Back

We were told that the Maya ruins in Palenque were definitely worth a visit and this weekend seemed a good a time as any to do so. We had it all planned out very neatly: hotels were arranged for and we booked a car so we could come and go as we pleased. I have … Continue reading


After a week of shopping and preparing for the big night, it finally came! At around 5 pm everyone gathered here. (This by the way still surprises me; when you are invited at a certain hour, you just show up at that hour. We tend to always be late, especially at parties, because no one wants … Continue reading

Cinco de Mayo

We are preparing for our first ever barbeque party. Apparently Cinco de Mayo is used in Canada as an excuse for a party with Margaritas and who am I to meddle with traditions. Funny enough Cinco de Mayo is not big in Mexico, according to Wikipedia it is more a celebration of the Mexican heritage and pride … Continue reading