Something is Bugging Me

I learned a new word today: formication. No, it is indeed with an M and not an N! It means that you have the “sensation of ants crawling on or under your skin”. Since a couple of months or so I actually have that ‘sensation’. Since I did not know that it was a ‘sensation’... Continue Reading →


In Mexico you need a permit to be able to drive as a foreigner. Now that we are driving, it seemed a good idea to get one. The first time I went to the office, I forgot to bring an official bill. The second time I forgot my passport. By then I started to hate... Continue Reading →

La Pascua en Mexico

When we were kids, we went to my grandparents at Easter for breakfast, where the kids searched for the colorful hardboiled eggs that were masterfully hidden by the Easter bunny. It was good fun and magically the sun always shone. When we were teenagers the Easter bunny delivered the eggs at the breakfast table, saving... Continue Reading →

Nuestro Coche

We need a car: a huge car. Taxes and gas are cheap, and if we could ever afford driving a luxury truck, it would be here in Mexico. Also it will give us a lot more freedom to go where we want when we want it. All this was more important than saving the planet.... Continue Reading →

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