Melbourne to Canada…

Our last blog about our trip, which summarized pretty much the whole last month of it. We had a fantastic ride through Australia and a great start of spring in Holland. Now we are in Canada, and I need help from my friends...


I can hear you think: what? A whole country in one post? And the answer is: yes indeed! Traveling hard for about five months takes its toll: we are totally buggered and need a break. We had big plans to move on to Laos and then Cambodia and were then going to drive from Sydney... Continue Reading →


Bagan is a magical place and the highlight of our Myanmar trip I'd think! Read on to see why!

Leyte (south)

We still wanted to see the whale sharks and while we decided not to go for the Oslob option (because feeding the whale sharks is bad for them for many reasons, read here why!) we found other options are also available. Well in theory of course, because whale sharks (should) do their own thing and... Continue Reading →

Winter Getaways

First of all I wish you all the bestest New Year ever! I hope you enjoyed New Year’s Eve as much as we did. We celebrated it in Mérida while travelling with hubbie’s friends B&M from Canada. Apart from discussing everything and anything under the (Canadian) sun, we visited tons of ‘places and stuff’. I’ll try... Continue Reading →


As you may have noticed, I did not post last week. I was traveling on the North American continent. I spent a total of 60 hours in Canada. In hindsight we wondered what that was all about, but still, I had a lot of fun visiting the husband’s family and friends. After Canada, I went... Continue Reading →

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