La Cajita

Dear Bo,

I know I promised your mother I would send you the cutest baby outfit I could find in Mexico. And I did find a very cute little dress that I thought would look really good on you this summer. But getting it to you is a bit of a problem.

Let me tell you what happened.

After I bought it, I researched the most reliable way to send it to you. They told me that would be DHL. We all know that DHL is a very trustworthy company and that they deliver as promised; I just did not know that they would charge a lot of gold and my first-born to do so. I thought that was too pricy and declined their kind offer.

I re-researched ways of sending the cute outfit to you. I tried to lure people into coming here, so that they could take it back to their country and send it from there. These attempts were successful, but at the same time failed. By the time our first visitors come, the summer will be as good as over in Holland. And you won’t be able to wear the cute little dress when it gets colder. So that option did not work either.

No more post office for me in Mexico

Then I resorted to sending it to you by Mexican regular mail. I used a very strong Tyvek envelope so that it could not ‘accidentally’ open. I took a day trip to try to find the nearest post office; no body I know uses one, so we had to search and search. We found the main one in the center of town and patiently I stood in line. But when it was my turn, the wicket witch behind the counter did not want to send it. I swear this is the truth! She interrogated me and made me tell what was in the envelope. When I told her it was a cute little dress for you, she told me that I can only send it if it is in a box.

‘Yes, a box!’
‘Why does it have to be in a box?’
‘Because, you cannot send cute dresses in an envelope from Mexico. It has to be in a box. No box, no sending.’

I broke down. After trying to deal with all the Mexican funny rules, their long lines and different habits, I could not help myself and told the witch exactly what she could do with her box. But it was in English and she did not understand. She just waved her little stick to the next person in line and with my head bent down in shame I left the post office.

And then, then a wizard decided to help me. He told me he would take it to his own country and then give it to his friend who will hopefully send it to you through the good, old Dutch mail; reliable as ever and not too picky on how you send stuff.

So, dear Bo, just hang in there a little longer. The world here is magical, but sometimes the evil spirits spoil it a little.

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