While We Still Can: DIY

While waiting for the details to be filled in for our move to Singapore, we are keeping ourselves busy. Hubby is on ‘garden-leave’, that apparently is the appropriate name for being in between jobs. We are getting ready for the plunge in the unknown by trying to sell our cars, fridge and washing machine. This … Continue reading

Houston, We Have a Problem!

I know, I know, it has been very quiet on this blog lately. Not because nothing was happening, but more because by the time I got to write about it, it was already too dated. This week we have been in Houston. Yesterday I went house hunting and I got a great tour of the … Continue reading

Is Bigger Better?

It’s final (as final as can be): we are going to move. Today hubby’s office closes in Veracruz, so it’s the end of a great experience in Veracruz. We really enjoyed it here, but to all good things must come an end apparently. We know where we are going to live next: it’s gonna be … Continue reading

Pieterpad; Hiking in Holland

After all this training in Wales, it was time to put my fitness to the test: I went hiking with Dutch friend G (who is usually much fitter than I am). For the last ten years or so (one weekend at the time!), we have walked the Pieterpad in Holland. The Pieterpad goes from the … Continue reading

Wales; not for Sissies

I was in Wales; mainly because hubby’s brother lives here. I have always known Wales to be a walker’s dream so I made sure I packed the hiking boots. What can I say, Wales indeed is beautiful. But not easy walking though, the paths are everything except smooth (like in Holland) or flat (also like … Continue reading

Feliz Día de las Madres

While most of us have to count Sundays in May to figure out when Mother’s Day is, in Mexico it is always on May 10. They chose the date, because that’s when it was first celebrated in 1922. Wikipedia tells us that “the modern holiday of Mother’s Day was first celebrated [in the US] in … Continue reading

Life is Good!

I haven’t been writing to you for a while. This is not because I’m depressed, or because nothing happens or because I can’t be bothered. Quite the opposite; I’m just too busy. Currently, I am residing in exciting Ciudad del Carmen while hubby finishes a project for work. It feels like being on holiday, my main responsibility … Continue reading

Hey Honey, Where You Want To Move To Next?

As you may or may not know, hubby’s Dutch company was bought by a French company. This means reorganization but the new company doesn’t dive in unprepared. They are taking their time (a magical 100 days) to count their new chickens and then line them up in the way they feel is best. So far … Continue reading


Always wanted to study at Harvard? Or do you need/want to know more about a certain topic? You’re in luck! Right now, you can follow online courses from about 90 of the best universities in the world FOR FREE! Some time last year I stumbled upon a blog about Coursera, a for-profit organization that partners … Continue reading


Just when you think you’ve seen it all, when you feel a sense of security about living in a foreign country with a foreign language, when you figure there’s nothing they can do that you haven’t been through before or fixed before; right then something happens to throw you off your game. The power went off. Or … Continue reading