Blog of the Year

I know, it’s silly, but every time I get an award from a fellow blogger, it feels good. My non-blogging readers probably know me (or my husband) and are much more forgiving than any stranger would be. So if one of those ‘strangers’ thinks my writing is worth a nomination, it think that’s cool. One... Continue Reading →

My Very First Award

Being from Holland I did not grow up with awards. The Dutch motto mostly is: just act normal, that's crazy enough. But I have to say that it is cool to get one and therefore... I am proud to announce that Crazy Train to Tinky Town nominated me for the following award: I am happy to... Continue Reading →

Tag, You’re It!

When I started blogging I basically saw it way to keep in touch with all my friends and family abroad. I had just moved to Mexico and felt it would be easier this way. I had never really paid any attention what goes on in the blogging world, but since March I have learned a lot.... Continue Reading →

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