Life Is Good

Since I last blogged we have been very, very busy. With fun stuff: we had lots of visitors from all sorts of continents and we travelled to various continents ourselves. Yes, we are living the good life.

Singapore has now become our home away from home (wherever the latter may be) and it has been great discovering our hometown as a tourist (thankfully we had mostly non-shopping visitors, so we skipped parading Orchard Road and all the various other malls.) We visited Gardens by the Bay, the Botanical Gardens, Jurong Bird Park, the Zoo, the Night Safari, The Asian Civilian Museum and of course China Town and Holland Village. Most places were worth a visit, and some were worth multiple visits.

Singapore was struck by the worst drought since 50 years, although I’m sure they’d laugh about it in Australia and Africa. No rain was recorded for 27 consecutive days! This made for brown fields and grass patches. When the situation became really serious, malls were asked to not run the fountains. When the situation became extreme, the people were asked not to wash their cars. The parks on the other hand looked fantastic. You’d never know there was a drought going on, if it hadn’t been for the lakes in the Botanical Gardens.

Pretty much in random order: Gardens by the Bay, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo, Orchard Garden at Botanical Gardes, Chinese New Year and a really weird road sign...

Pretty much in random order: Gardens by the Bay, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo, Orchard Garden at Botanical Gardens, Chinese New Year and a really weird road sign…

Because of the drought and the wind blowing from the ‘wrong’ direction, we got introduced to The Haze (which normally appears in May or so). The haze is dreaded by everyone in Singapore and apparently last year it was so bad, people were advised to stay indoors. The haze is basically the smoke from the fires in Indonesia (Sumatra mostly). When it gets really bad people start wheezing and a lot wear those masks you also see in flu season. We just assumed someone was burning wood in their fireplace (although we couldn’t figure out why you would want a fireplace in the tropics) and that was pretty much it. For now, because apparently we haven’t seen May yet…

How to be a real Canadian…

I also practiced being Canadian. That’s right, I experienced extreme cold Singapore-style. I went to an ice sculpture exhibition. When you buy your ticket, a coat and gloves are included. We (me and my friend) entered warmly clothed and initially figured it was pretty small (or the sculptures were way too big for the space they were in). But halfway through, we thought it was pretty much the right size as we were freezing. In my case probably because I was wearing flip-flops. I have learned that it’s not proper shoe ware in icy conditions, although hubby reckons it was a great attempt to bridge cultures.

Well, at least I tried! And if we decided on Canada being home, it might come in handy. In the future, distant future that is!


8 thoughts on “Life Is Good

  1. Love your photos. Going back and forth between winter coats and flip-flops seems to be the custom both in Canada and the northern US, so you’ll fit right in.

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