Chinese Wisdom

First of all I wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. I know you may think it’s a bit late, but that is a matter of perspective as we are right between the Western and Chinese New Year, so I figured it can still be said.

We had a lovely Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I cooked lunch for two ‘orphans’ here in Singapore and it was great to get to know some of hubby’s colleagues a little better. For New Year’s we went to the Marina Bay, where one of hubby’s colleagues has an apartment. Marina Bay is the place to be on New Year’s Eve, there are bands, fireworks at midnight and another few thousand people to enjoy it with.

We felt very lucky: standing on the 42nd floor, we assumed we would have a first class view of the fireworks. Unfortunately the wind had it in for us, because all we got to experience was a lot of smoke blown our way. We saw a few bits and pieces, but it really left us unimpressed. (You should know that in Holland everyone gets to light fireworks at midnight and that it usually is a huge and colorful explosion over the entire country. So compared to Holland the Singapore display was a little disappointing.)


One of my molars didn’t make it to the New Year. In between the festivities I had several dentist appointments for a root-canal treatment. This is of course nothing special, thousands of people have them every day and I am sure no one else likes them either. (Which makes you wonder why people actually choose to become a dentist?)

Dental care in Singapore is excellent, although it comes at a price (as does everything I might add) and some quirky things. The moment I sat in the chair they gave me sunglasses “to protect your eyes against the light”. However, I suspect an ulterior motive…

dentist Spore

As a dentist, what would you rather see?

My root canal specialist (!) is a cute Asian lady about half my size (dr. L.). She had very, very strong hands though and it seems she knows what she’s doing, as I am pain-free. She also told me that the cavity they thought had caused the infection, was not a cavity. Apparently my body didn’t recognize the molar anymore (maybe because the nerve got infected or maybe it’s the other way around. I can’t quite remember because of what she said next) and therefore my body had started eating the tooth from within causing internal resorption. She looked very serious while telling me this and gave me a moment to let it sink in.

Me: — (while thinking WTF?)

Dr. L. then proceeded to tell me that it was very rare, but obviously it did happen.

Me: — (while entering panic mode and thinking &*$$%&? You’ve got to be kidding me! WTF?)

Dr. L. (in a reassuring tone): But after the root canal treatment is complete, it should stop, so you don’t have to worry.

Me: Ok… (thinking: Really? What is going on here? I’m eating my teeth? %^**&! All of them? )

Dr. L.: It could also be happening in other teeth, but you shouldn’t worry.

Me: Whenever they say don’t worry   it’s usually a sign to start worrying…

Dr. L. (laughing): Then you worry too much!

So here I am, not worried and a root canal poorer. Have a great weekend y’all!


16 thoughts on “Chinese Wisdom

  1. Lieve Pleun,
    Wat een prachtig verhaal! Ik zie je zitten in the chair………..Van harte wens ik jullie een inspirerend en liefdevol 2014 toe en veel goede nieuwe ervaringen waarvan ik graag meegeniet! Overigens had ik met je ouders een reflecting en gezellige New Years Eve met geweldig vuurwerk over geheel Breda! Veel liefs.

    • Thank you. Maybe I should drink more camomile tea to get into the ‘no worries’ mode, or gin… Not sure what works best yet, but I am trying different options 😉

  2. Like the concept of Sunglasses.
    A drill in strong hands, it becomes difficult what to trust. Comforting words of dentist or reliability of machine’s precision.

  3. “It could also be happening in other teeth, but you shouldn’t worry.” Thanks, Doc. Too bizarre. Here’s hoping you develop a taste for normal foods, like candy, instead of teeth.

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