They Love Me Here!

I am very popular among part of the Singapore population. I am definitely more popular than hubby; maybe more popular than anyone on our street or even the whole of Singapore? I am not sure about the extent yet, but I might just be the most popular girl in town.

From the moment we moved into our house (yes we found one, and yes we live there now with rented furniture, anxiously awaiting our container) I have been ‘liked’ many times by the other creatures that live here. I have been bitten by almost every type of insect known to (Singapore) men. Even by insects I didn’t know could bite. In the one week we lived here, mosquito, ants and spiders feasted on my blood. We’ve seen centipedes but I can run faster than them. Who would have thought.

The weirdest thing is, that in Singapore they don’t believe in fly screens (or mosquito screens rather) while they do have loads of tropical diseases (there is even a Dengue fever epidemic going on as we speak). But none of the houses I’ve been in have screens. Instead they prefer pest control. This is probably why, when we arrived in Singapore, we got the impression that Singapore was bug-free. I got bitten once in three weeks, so I was totally ready to take my chances. However, this is not what real life is about apparently.

Our backyard borders on the Green or Railway Corridor: the former railroad from Singapore to Malaysia. It doesn’t run anymore, which is greatly appreciated by the critters that live there. So far we’ve only seen the flying kind, but recently people have started to warn me for snakes…

The view over our backyard fence. We don't have neighbors of the human kind...
The view over our backyard fence. We don’t have close neighbors of the human kind…

So apart from being very popular with the small creepy-crawlies, I am now becoming also very popular with the various pest-control guys. In the one week we’ve lived here, they have sprayed against ants, termites and spiders, gassed the house against everything and anything and fogged the backyard. We have also called the government to come and sort out the water drainage in the Green Corridor.

Fogging was a new phenomenon for me. And it works as follows: the pest control guy starts some sort of portable motor which makes a tremendous noise. He then moves towards the area that needs fogging and then turns on the fog. Within seconds the whole area is full of smoke. I’m not sure what the smoke does, but apparently it is specifically aimed at killing mosquitoes. It’s done all over Singapore and when you hear the noise you want to take cover inside. The fog is smelly, although it doesn’t seem to worry the foggers much.

Anyway, the way I see it, chances are that I may either die from Dengue fever or from all the chemicals we’ve used to kill the mozzies… I’ll better go sit in my backyard and sip some wine while I still can.

10 thoughts on “They Love Me Here!

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  1. thinking of coming to see you – Had a superb time at Pitcairn – Have had a mad time and have hardly ben in the West – Home at last

  2. Hmm, sounds like Manitoba in the summer. The mosquitoes there even bite through canvas chairs, which I realized much to my chagrin when I discovered bug bites on my butt the next day. But I love your line “We’ve seen centipedes but I can run faster than them.” Thanks for my morning laugh!

    I’m glad you’re settling in – isn’t it nice to be so popular? 😉

  3. Fly traps and on-going foggers which you can buy at the store. Also, there are candles you can buy at the store to burn outside (can’t remember what they are). This will keep the bugs down.

    Congrats on finding a house.

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