Going Home!?

It’s only been a week since our stuff went into the container and was sent off to Singapore, but man, have we been on a ride ourselves! As you can imagine we are wowed by Singapore, there’s enough blog fodder to keep me going for the next few weeks.

Even in the sand my handwriting is terrible! But Adios V'cruz is what it says.

Even in the sand my handwriting is terrible! But Adios V’cruz is what it says.

First we had to get here. There is no such thing as fast traveling from Mexico to Singapore. It takes a minimum of 27 hours (if you make all your connections) and if you add the time difference (+14 hours) you know you are in for a jet lag of mega proportions.

Since there were only connection times of 1.5 hours in Houston, we decided to better be safe than sorry and book a hotel for the night. But it turned out we were sorry, as there was no one, I repeat NO ONE, at the customs desk in Houston. Unheard of, never had that before, and if we’d only known… Hindsight is a great thing but utterly useless, so we smoothly went through and drank an extra wine in the hotel to celebrate.

Sunday morning we checked in for the flight to Singapore with a transfer in Tokyo. This sounds all terribly exciting, but after the first 10 hours not so much. You then know you have another 3 to go to Tokyo and then another 7 to Singapore. By then you have seen pretty much all the movies you wanted to and you go for second choices. It does not help that I’m a smoker; not being allowed to smoke anywhere makes me more anxious somehow.

Anyway, imagine my relief when we landed on Tokyo airport. This is absolutely one of the most sophisticated airports I have ever been to. Apart from the obvious things, such as restaurants (plenty of sushi places of course) and duty-free, there are actually fancy smoking areas; you know, with benches to sit on, with standards that contain lighters (like the ones you have in cars) and enormously spacious and clear! Not like the misty aquariums other airports provide. It was a joy to light up after so many hours.

A Toilet with Options!

A Toilet with Options! (Click for enlargement)

I’d like to dedicate a separate paragraph to the loos; they come with options! It is basically a bidet with different types of spraying as well as a button for deodorizing and sound effects (sounds like flushing the toilet). I had to try it and I have to say it was nice. The water was warm and refreshing and that feels really good after being cooped up in an airbus for so many hours. I wasn’t sure about the deodorizer and the sound effect was a bit of a let-down, maybe I should have played it louder, but the fact that it’s there is of course hilarious.

And then on to Singapore! By the time we got there we were utterly confused. We knew it was midnight in Singapore, which was about lunch time in Mexico but after not having slept for 24 hours (or hardly) we were really ready to sleep, except we couldn’t. I had expected to fall into bed and then not wake up for the next while, but I just couldn’t. This may partly have been due to the fact that we figured out we were ‘living’ above a wine bar and that just seemed too good to be true. In my hazy state I needed to make sure that it wasn’t a dream, so out we went and wine we drank. We rolled into bed an hour later, tired but content.

And that my friends, was our first night in Singapore. An awesome first impression if there ever was one!


8 thoughts on “Going Home!?

  1. Hi Pluen, first of all, welcome to Singapore! I guess it’s gonna take you a while to adjust to the climate and culture here in this tropical country, but nover to worry! The expat community here in Singapore is huge! You’ll find yourself more “SINGAPOREAN” than many locals soon! Meanwhile, if you’ve got any queries, feel free to contact me;)

  2. I so miss Singapore!

    East Coast Seafood and Chilli Crab, Chicken & Rice, Fish Head Curry, Drunken Prawns, Newton Circus and BBQ … oh I could just go on and on about the food I miss in Singapore. Then there is the tailored clothing, I miss that also. I also miss the orchids growing everywhere!

    I think you will love Singapore, I did.

    • Thanks Diane! The memory is a great thing, and all that boring stuff has been replaced with new exciting stuff. This is why we probably will book tickets soon to Canada or somewhere, just so we can do it all over again 😉

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