Moving On

Finally, we are moving! It was a bit of a long wait, but now the date is set and by the end of next week, all our stuff will be in a container on its way to Singapore. Not sure when we follow, but probably soon after that. We’ve been very busy (or rather hubby has been rather busy) to make it all happen and all the paperwork is done. The move is organized, we sold whatever we wanted to sell and are ready to move on.

Hold on…. Move on?

That means leaving Mexico! I don’t want to leave Mexico, I like it here!

Sure, Singapore has its advantages but Mexico is awesome!

We did some great traveling, had some delicious food and met some fantastic people. We celebrated our first anniversary here, lived through a hurricane and never got to speak the language properly. I never got threatened, robbed or worse, so from my perspective all they say about the violence in Mexico is not true can be avoided.

There are of course thing I will not miss: topes come to mind.

I have less than two weeks to wrap my mind around the fact that I’m going to miss Mexico. I know I’ll get a lot in return, but that doesn’t make it any easier. I guess it will get easier the moment I board a plane, when it’s too late to change anything.

And I will always have loads of memories of a great time, spent in a great country with great people!


18 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. I lived in Tucson for a while, with several requisite trips over to Nogales or Rocky Point. I really miss that part of the world. These days, when the mariachi guys get on my subway car in NYC and pass the hat, I always throw down- I miss it so much! But, upward and onward to new adventures for you!

    • I sincerely hope that there is some Mariachi in Singapore, wouldn’t that be cool! And I can so see how much fun it would be on the subway; they do have a extensive public transport system in S’pore. They also have a lot of rules, maybe they can make Mariachi on the train mandatory 😉

  2. Thanks to you, we saw many lovely old structures and learned al lot about mexicanlife and nature. We will miss that too but I am sure you will take up this new life as well as you always do my dear daughter!!!!

  3. Pleun, ik kan me goed voorstellen dat afscheid nemen van Mexico ook een beetje pijn doet. Je hebt er een geweldige tijd gehad, veel beleefd en ondernomen, daarvan heb ik mogen meegenieten via je fantastische verhalen! Sterkte bij het afscheid nemen! hopenlijk krijgen we weer mooie nieuwe belevenissen vanuit Singapore te lezen……lieve groet,

  4. We’ll miss you a lot my friend! But hope to keep updating about Singapore, new DIY projects and share some with you too!

  5. There is sunshine everywhere! There is also rain, too. For every opportunity, there is a challenge and a season for everything. It sounds like you have wonderful memories of Mexico. I am looking forward to reading how you make the days count in Asia! Happy travels.

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