While We Still Can: DIY

While waiting for the details to be filled in for our move to Singapore, we are keeping ourselves busy. Hubby is on ‘garden-leave’, that apparently is the appropriate name for being in between jobs. We are getting ready for the plunge in the unknown by trying to sell our cars, fridge and washing machine. This is not going too well yet, so you know anyone who might be interested and is ready to come and pick it up, just let me know.

Also, it seems an excellent time to do all those DIY jobs we never got around doing before. Since we don’t really know how much time we have got left, we are hurrying everything along. We now have a huge house, a large enough garden and an enormous garage and we don’t know what we’ll be getting, so DIY it is.

Last week we painted 6 dining room chairs, a rattan sofa set (3-, 2- and 1-seater) two side-tables. We used some type of ink first and then a whole load of varnish, so it won’t stain. We actually love the result, what do you think? (The pillows of course still need a make-over, but that’s on the list for Singapore… hopefully this time way before we move)

Before and after the painting.  The pillows of course still need a make-over, but that's on the list for Singapore... hopefully this time way before we move again.

Before and after; the pillows of course still need a make-over, but that’s on the list for Singapore… Maybe this time long before we move again. 😉

Preserving shells and starfish...

Preserving shells and starfish…

Furthermore I finished my first ever building project. I made a table; start simple, right?

It contains some of the shells we found in the last year and a half as well as some starfish that washed on shore in Ciudad del Carmen. I made everything from scratch and this is the result.

We are now done with our DIY backlog, so we are back to waiting for more news on the move…


16 thoughts on “While We Still Can: DIY

    • I would love to have a porch for my table too! Make sure you post some pictures 🙂 Oh, and be careful with the resin, it is said to be ‘somewhat’ toxic! But if you do it on the porch, it should be fine!

  1. Hey, followed you from Susie’s blog party!
    You gave a complete makeover! I might use some tips to give new life to my dying patio furniture

    • Hi Yatin, good to see you here! I colored the rottan set with chocolate colored ink instead of paint. That went really well, the color came out exactly as I had hoped! I then varnished it twice with clear varnish, coz I didn’t like the idea of chocolate stripy shirts 🙂

  2. I hadn’t read this enter! just this morning I was thinking about fixing a coffe table using this tecnique and that I might ask you for information. Your table is beautiful! see you son!

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