Houston, We Have a Problem!

I know, I know, it has been very quiet on this blog lately. Not because nothing was happening, but more because by the time I got to write about it, it was already too dated.

This week we have been in Houston. Yesterday I went house hunting and I got a great tour of the city from real estate agent S. She showed me the town the way she likes to hang out in it. And I have to say, it looks really quite nice. Apart from the endless malls and concrete, there are quaint little shops and houses and a lot is organized to make the town fun. There are free open air plays, rolling kitchens gatherings and music. There is enough to do to not get bored. I got my mind wrapped around the place and the scary ‘bigger is better’ thought evaporated.

At 4.30 pm I found the perfect house, in a perfect area. At 5.30 pm the hubby told me that it wasn’t gonna happen.

The thing is that he doubted this new job more and more. Not because of the location, but because of the management. Two years ago we were happy to leave the company, because in our opinion they ‘just don’t get it’. They have a software-gem in their hands, but they don’t know how it works or what to do with it. Therefore one bad decision after another is made and as a result a lot of knowledgeable people left.

Also, the minute hubby accepted the job in Houston, other offers came flying in. Don’t know how that works, but that’s how it was. IN the end temptation became too hard to resist and as of this morning, about an hour ago, hubby resigned. He was of course directly booted from the office…

We're celebrating with the classic Singapore slings.

We’re celebrating with the classic Singapore slings.

And where are we going to survive you may wonder. Well, it looks like we’re going to Singapore: the city of Raffles, Singapore slings, and a friendly dictator. Yes, we are getting closer and closer to the equator and in my book that is great!

So the house hunting is on hold here in Houston, but bring it on Singapore!

Anybody know a good real estate agent there?


16 thoughts on “Houston, We Have a Problem!

    • I know! There will be a lot more ‘different’ stuff than in Houston, so apart from all other reasons, blog-wise it is also an excellent decision!

  1. Houston has possibilities – grew up there and always enjoy a visit home. I’ve never been to Singapore, but i am told it’s a great place – very urban with an Asian perspective…. it sounds like you are following the oil, so to speak… my dad was in the business and so is my brother…keep having fun and I look forward to reading more. Have fun in your new place…

  2. We have friends who just returned from living in Singapore. They enjoyed it very much – the mix of culture and opportunities was very rewarding for them. Enjoy it!

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