Is Bigger Better?

It’s final (as final as can be): we are going to move. Today hubby’s office closes in Veracruz, so it’s the end of a great experience in Veracruz. We really enjoyed it here, but to all good things must come an end apparently.

We know where we are going to live next: it’s gonna be [drum roll]:

The skyline of ...

The skyline of …


I know, I know… It was not on my list of preferred destinations, but it was nice to dream for a while about the exotic locations we could have gone to. The thing is that hubby got reassigned to Houston in a new job he is looking forward to.

I know nothing about Houston, except that it takes forever to clear customs at the airport. And that they have a lot of roads. And by a lot I mean a humongous number of km2’s full of concrete. And that it’s not on the beach; although it only takes an hour to get there apparently.

The concrete jungle.

The concrete jungle.

Houston has more hurricanes than Veracruz, it also has more murders per month than Veracruz. But according to the new company policy it’s safer to live in Houston than in Veracruz?!

On a positive note: they speak a language I somewhat understand (I think it may take a little time to get used to the Texan accent); they have a large Spanish-speaking community, so hopefully I can keep the minimum amount I learned up to date; and they all wear cowboy-boots: my favorite shoe ware.

The scary thing is that the Texas slogan is ‘Every thing’s bigger in Texas’. For a Dutchie a terrifying prospect and I hope it applies to more than the giant snails that are currently in the news.

But I am looking forward to some of the touristy attractions, theaters and going to a baseball game. And I know they have good hamburgers everywhere. So for now the idea is to engross myself into Texas culture. Don’t worry, I’ll be reporting on my progress.

But first I’ll go over and have a look at where we should live. Any suggestions anyone?


4 thoughts on “Is Bigger Better?

  1. i’ve only been to Houston once, 25 years ago, but the downtown area was really funky. And you could drive around wtih open alcohol in your car. Seriously – you could see an officer, smile and tip your Budweiser to him! I think that law may have changed – better double check before you try that with the local police. Good luck with the move!

    • Ah, thanks. That sounds pretty great actually. Other ppl have come up with cool Houston stories as well. I think I’m starting to look forward to this.

    • That’s fair enough. I guess my family has a history with Houston, and judging by that Houston must be a horrible place! I am looking forward for Houston to prove me wrong 😉

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