Pieterpad; Hiking in Holland

After all this training in Wales, it was time to put my fitness to the test: I went hiking with Dutch friend G (who is usually much fitter than I am). For the last ten years or so (one weekend at the time!), we have walked the Pieterpad in Holland.

The Pieterpad goes from the north of Holland (Pieterburen) to the south (St. Pietersberg) and is around 500 km’s long. We don’t do it hardcore and if history is a predictor of the future we’ll be walking another 8-10 years or so. We spend the nights in (mostly) nice B&B’s in (mostly) quaint villages.

This year was different, because the hubbies came along for the first time ever. Not to walk though, but to play golf. And it worked pretty well, apparently where there’s good walking, there’s good golf courses.

This year, we walked from Braamt in Holland to Elten in Germany, to Millingen aan de Rijn (back in Holland, to Beek. We went through the woods and meadows, and along rivers, grain fields and fruit trees.

Again, I’ll let you decide how pretty it was… (click on one of the pictures to get an enlarged view.)


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