Life is Good!

I haven’t been writing to you for a while. This is not because I’m depressed, or because nothing happens or because I can’t be bothered. Quite the opposite; I’m just too busy.

Currently, I am residing in exciting Ciudad del Carmen while hubby finishes a project for work. It feels like being on holiday, my main responsibility is to keep the water bottles filled up, a responsibility I take very seriously and so far I managed to only miss a couple of times. We had some margaritas instead because it contains lemonade which is mostly water, so life is good.

Of course Carmen is not really exciting, but it does contain one exciting ‘attraction’: dolphins. I always wanted to see them in the wild and have visions of dancing dolphins on the water, going off into the sunset to return the next day for a repeat of the previous day. Unfortunately reality is not made of dreams, so we’ve been searching for the dolphins instead.

Most of the time the sea looks like this:


Sometimes you get to see this:


And that’s the extent of it. At least we know they’re there!

But sitting on a boat while sipping water from freshly filled water bottles, is hard to beat. Right now I’m contemplating whether I might see the dolphins dance if I swapped the water for margaritas…

So you can see I’m busy. But we’ll catch up soon, I promise.

4 thoughts on “Life is Good!

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    1. I hear you! I was filming at the time as well, got a lot of water and a lot of sky. But that’s for a next post…

  1. Keeping the water bottles filled up it’s indeed a very serious and delicate task. Starting June, at home, the person in charge of that task often undergoes a serie of punishment if no full bottles are available when necessary.
    I’d switch to Margaritas, I bet after a dozen you’ll see whales and mermaids too.
    Enjoy it!

    1. I never made it past 7 (I think?) margaritas in one session, but I’ll work on it. If I ever get to 12, I will let you know what magical creatures appear. If I remember anything the next morning.

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