Hey Honey, Where You Want To Move To Next?

As you may or may not know, hubby’s Dutch company was bought by a French company. This means reorganization but the new company doesn’t dive in unprepared. They are taking their time (a magical 100 days) to count their new chickens and then line them up in the way they feel is best. So far so good.

In the meantime we wait. We know almost for sure we will be leaving Veracruz. Their current head office is located in Villahermosa and wouldn’t it be smarter to merge the two offices into one. There is the added benefit that the technical department of Mexico’s main client is also located in Villahermosa.

The name Villahermosa means beautiful city. This is a weird name, since nothing much is beautiful about it. The surroundings are beautiful though; if you’re into jungle that is. We have mixed feelings about this move, but we dig jungle and I’m sure we’ll find our mojo there. (I seem to remember a very nice winebar actually).

Skyline of most likely city to move to.

Skyline of most likely city to move to.

So, while they are thinking about who, what and where, we are dreaming about which oil center we would prefer. Regarding the oil and gas industry, there are many centers, such as Houston, the Middle-East, China and Russia to name a few. These do not appear in our dreams. We were more thinking along the lines of: Calgary, Kuala Lumpur, and Perth.

Calgary is hubby’s home town and therefore he wouldn’t mind hanging out with his family and friends for a while. It would be a lot easier, since we actually speak the language well enough to get into fights with a phone company for instance. And Calgary has the Rocky Mountains and the Stampede. It really is a pretty perfect place to be, except for two issues: mosquitoes in the summer and a freezing cold in winter that lasts forever.

Kuala Lumpur and Perth have no snow or dark winters. I spent a lot of time in Perth, so I know my way around and have plenty of family and friends to hang out with. They have a good beach and many a vineyard (relatively) close by. And the outback of course, I love the outback.

Hubby likes the language situation in Perth better than in KL, although English seems pretty much the standard there as well. And the great thing about Malaysia is that it has plenty tropical beaches, perfect for weekend getaways. The culture is very different, so we would have more surprises in a day, hopefully of the funny kind.

Skylines of our preferred destinations.

Skylines of our preferred destinations.

The con’s are uhm… I can’t really think of anything right now, but I’m sure I’ll find some once we get there. If we get there… In reality it seems most likely that we are going to move to an ugly city in Mexico, with lots of mosquito’s and an even higher humidity than Veracruz.

Can you blame me for dreaming?


16 thoughts on “Hey Honey, Where You Want To Move To Next?

  1. Here you are including Calgary as one of your dream cities and all I can do is dream of escaping this winter that never ends. All of Canada seems to be in a perpetual deep, dark, cold this year with more snow than ever. Be careful what you wish for! Now Kuala Lumpur that’s a different story…..

    • Haha, and you are right of course. In all honesty it is more the family and friends that seems appealing. It is hard to imagine cold and darkness while sitting in the backyard, sipping margarita’s… You’ll find that out soon enough 😉

  2. Wow Pleun, wat een verandering staat er weer te gebeuren! Een heel goed idee om er mooie dromen van te maken en vooral geen nachtmerrie hoor……….Wat een uitdagingen voor jullie. Ik zat al mee te dromen over Perth, kunnen je ouders ook een huisje kopen daar en meegenieten van iedereen bij elkaar(haha). Sterkte want dat heb je natuurlijk nog even nodig nu je nog niets weet en droom je dromen!
    Lieve groet,

    • I so do love day-dreaming, but New Zealand? No hasn’t made it to my short-list yet. Funny because I never hear anything but good stuff about it. Maybe I should re-prioritize 😉

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