King of the Road

From the moment SUV’s became popular I’ve been complaining about them, mainly because they are big and high and it’s impossible to look past them if you are in a littler car. I vowed I would never get one, because they are clunky, fuel inefficient and take up way too much parking space. In Holland these area all valid issues (gas is just under 2 euro’s per liter and space is scarce for anything in Holland).

In Veracruz not so much: gasoline is € 0.66 or US$ 0.86 per liter and space is plenty. So, when we got the opportunity to buy a secondhand SUV from D.’s colleague who moved to Brasil (great for them, sad for us) we decided to go for it. You may know the car as a Mitsubishi Pajero, but in Latin-America that means ‘wanker’ apparently, so Mitsubishi had to rename it and chose: Montero. (You’d think they would think these names through, right?)

This is it!

This is it!

I won’t trouble you telling you about the multiple trips to the registry office, or the fact that we ‘lost’ the original registration and then found it after we went through all the hassles, or the fact that we had to get proof that we are allowed to live where we live and that we in fact do live there, or the fact that buying insurance involves multiple phone calls to the company, but I will say that it was a super-drag to get it all done. But damned, we were proud when it was all done, because we did it all by ourselves and our minimum Spanish!

So I have been driving to and from the supermarket and wow, it’s super cool to sit this high on the road. You have a perfect overview and I almost feel as if on top of the world. There seems to be plenty of horsepower, although it is hard to tell when the maximum speed is between 40 and 60 km/h.

This car is begging for a long, long stretch of road. So I feel a road trip coming up. All we need to figure out is where to? And when? Although these questions might all answer themselves in the near future as circumstances in D.’s job are changing. We have no clue where that’s going, but whatever it may be, we are road-ready.


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