My Sweet Valentine

February 14th is Valentine’s Day; not a big deal when you are from Holland. Here in Mexico it’s different: normally there are boys at the traffic lights that wash your car windows, but on Valentine’s Day they sell roses instead. We obviously forgot all about it and since it takes some preparation for celebration, we just decided to celebrate it on another day.

So our big day was last week and without getting too mushy or in too much detail, this was my Valentine’s Day gift:

Yay! My Valentine's gift!

Yay! My Valentine’s gift!

I can hear you think: “Really? You seriously didn’t get the hang of it. What happened to roses, champagne and chocolates and massage coupons?” Well, I actually am very happy with my gift, because it’s what I really wanted! You see, I started a new project. And I have experienced how difficult it is to saw something at exactly 45 degrees or at exactly 2.8 cm. Now I won’t have that excuse anymore.


Some great artist said it first

If you’re thinking I’m working on a new kitchen (we really should have one) or some fancy cabinets for my quilting stuff, you’re wrong. I am working on another piece of art; or decoration, depending on whether you like it or not. I am very sure it isn’t an original, but I live by the motto: ‘beter goed gekopieerd, dan slecht verzonnen’ which translates in: better well copied than badly designed/concocted. And it doesn’t come with a manual either.

But apart from that, I’ll hopefully learn a lot of new skills: measuring to the millimeter, sawing, drilling straight holes and spray-painting. All things I’ve managed to avoid up till now. I know that I need these new skills, because my first prototype looks like this:

I got a long way to go...

Prototype of my new art-project, it’s a little higgledy-piggledy.

Yes,  I got a long way to go… But when I’m done, I’ll show you the result. Just don’t expect anything soon.

And thank you babe, you couldn’t have picked a better gift to show me that you love me. xxx


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