Not a Clay Ashtray

I know, you haven’t heard from me for a while. This is because I am creating! My creative spirit has gone wild and don’t think you are the only one suffering. The main sufferer is of course hubby, who patiently tells me every day that I am making great progress and that it looks awesome. And that he really doesn’t mind that there is no food in the house and that sure, we can go out for dinner. He is a real trooper.

My mind is very, very focused. The onset for my creative project is that I am trying to quit smoking (again). So, I needed something to take my mind of it and to keep my hands busy. The second reason is that my mom is coming over in January to celebrate her 75th birthday. That is something very special, don’t you think? And I figured that needed a very special present.

A nice selection of self-made ashtrays found on the web.

A nice choice of self-made ashtrays as found on the web.

I could have gone out and bought something, but for this one I decided to go back to an ‘I made it myself’ present. We all made them, remember that clay ashtray in Kindergarten? (I don’t actually remember making such an ashtray, but surely I have!?) Mom or dad were always happy with whatever you made them and then dutifully found the perfect spot for it. (I am sure that my ashtray got broken accidentally at some time, or maybe I really never made it in the first place.)

Anyhow, this time I am going for something bigger. Not size-wise necessarily, but better and more beautiful, something she wants to give a place in her house. Something everyone would want to have. Maybe I’ll even become famous for making this one perfect piece…

And if not then at lease it helped me to quit smoking. And maybe I go back to making clay ashtrays. Wouldn’t that be ironic?


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