Blog Delayed

I know, I know, I have let you down. I haven’t written to you in weeks now. I thought no one would notice, but I was wrong. That made me feel great on the one hand, but guilty on the other. So let me catch you up real quick and reassure you all is well in Mexico.

Interesting cocktail from my previous visit to Mexico (©  Alejandra)

As said previously, the hubby and I postponed the celebrations of our first wedding anniversary and what it taught us was that the saying ‘van uitstel komt afstel’ is utterly true. We kept postponing it and to date we still have to ‘celebrate’ it.

Anyway, Montezuma took revenge again and this time hit both me and Dave, although not at the same time fortunately. And by the time I was back on solid food, friend S. came to visit us all the way from Holland. It is great having her here and I learn a lot about juggling many balls in the air. I am studying, subtitling, playing guide tour, hosting and as of tomorrow traveling to Mexico-City.

Yes, I’m going back and I’m looking forward to it a lot. So I promise you another Mexico story next week, but now, I really got to go packing… winter gear! Can you believe it? Me neither, but they tell me I’ll be happy with that extra sweater. So, in short: talk to you next week!


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