Mexico City

I went to Mexico City last week, or to Mexico as they say here. Since it is always better to visit a new city with someone who knows where to go and what to do or see, I was very lucky that I had my own personal guide. Friend A. is very knowledgeable about her city and I am pretty sure that if something goes on in Mexico, she knows about it.

Mexico seen through her eyes is awesome! It is a very vibrant city full of interesting things to see, do, eat or drink. Mexico is a mix of Spanish, French, and Mexico architecture. This makes the ‘feel’ of the city somewhat familiar and at the same time totally unique. When preparing for the trip, the weather forecast mentioned that the discomfort would be very high, due to humidity and high temperatures. I am not sure what they meant by that. It only rains once a day and it really did not discomfort me to find shelter between 5 and 7/8 pm for the rains. We usually ended up either in a restaurant or bar where we, very comfortably, waited for the rains to end.

My friend took me to several different neighborhoods where she likes to hang out, my favorite one is Condesa. Not only is it beautiful, but it has literally hundreds of café’s, restaurants, bookstores and small boutiques, which make it a great place to hang out.

Another favorite place is the Zocalo (main square in the center of town). There is the Cathedral, the National Palace, the Templo Mayor (an excavation of the main Aztec temple from before the Spanish arrived), hotels, museums and of course a nice shopping street starts there going to the Torre Latinoamericana and towards the Palacio de Bellas Artes (Palace of Fine Arts), the Palacio de Correos de Mexico and the Museo Nacional de Arte to just name just a few of the sites I visited.

Templo Mayor with the Cathedral in the background.

We stuffed ourselves with great food, so much so that one meal would last us the whole day. At night we would come home exhausted with sore feet and all we could do is pass out in front of a television. We went on the subway, which was an experience in itself, and the bus and by car, also an experience in itself. My hubby joined us for the weekend and the two of us enjoyed some of the nicer hotels on the Zocalo.

I am happy to be home, where I can do nothing for the next few days. But I am looking forward to going back and discover more of what is bound to become my favorite city.


5 thoughts on “Mexico City

  1. Pleun – honking of you and Dave – all so interesting – am in the UK – going to France on Sunday love LJ

  2. very nicely written. I live in San Miguel where there are (too many?) ex-pats from north of the border and I ADORE D.F. Not only the food but art everywhere! It is funny the way people in Mexico will say ‘I’m going to Mexico’ because they’re going to Mexico City. You might find my blog about life in san miguel interesting —
    think stand-up comedy told by ET.
    loveamongthealiens right here on wordpress.

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