Allow me to give you a beauty tip that will change your world. Well, maybe not your world, but definitely your hair!

A few weeks ago, I spoke to a lady about psoriasis (I have this on my head, under my hair) and she recommended using flax-seed (linseed, lijnzaad, linaza) in combination with sunbathing. She gave me a recipe, because, as with a lot of home remedies, you have to cook it first. The instructions I got were as follows:

  • The miracle seeds

    Bring 1 liter of water to the boil.

  • Add 1 tbsp of flax-seed, turn the flame to low and stir ferociously. You will know when it is done.
  • Then drain it and cool the liquid in the fridge.
  • When cold, rub it into your hair.
  • Immediately after applying, take a sun bath for 15 minutes.

“You will know when it is done?” the look in my eyes must have given away my skepticism. The lady assured me I would.

As there was nothing to lose, I bought the seed, went home and brought the 1 liter of water to the boil. After adding the flax and stirring ferociously, nothing seemed to happen. I am not a patient person, so after a few minutes I added another (smaller) spoon of flax-seed. The liquid turned to snot immediately! I guess it was already snotty when I added the second batch of flax, I just didn’t know that I had to look for snot-consistency (like egg-white consistency). Actually, if she had told me, I may not have tried.

I had planned my first medicinal sun bath on the beach with a friend. She came on time and I was running late, and she generously offered to help me applying the snot. Armed with brushes, combs and the bowl of snot, we did it as good as we could. We then walked leisurely to the beach and sat down with some wine, while the snot was doing its work. I washed my hair before going to bed, although that wasn’t necessary according to the lady.

The next morning a miracle had happened…

My hair was incredibly soft and it smelled really awesome. To be honest, I never gave the softness of my hair (or lack thereof) any thought. But the difference was so stunning that even I could feel it.

So you should really try this, even if you do not have psoriasis. I am sure you’ll love it! It also works great as a hair gel (if you like the wet-look). Alternatively just wash/brush it out and enjoy your incredibly soft hair.


PS. I still have the psoriasis, because I just don’t treat it regularly enough (you know with the traveling and all). The lady also told me the snot would help against psoriasis anywhere else on the skin. I can totally recommend it, even though I didn’t get results yet, but it is nice and cool and makes everything go soooo soft. So if you know anyone with psoriasis, just give them the recipe and have them try it out too.


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  1. He liefie, dat is een goed advies! Ik heb het doorgestuurd naar mijn zus, die heeft psoriasis, ben benieuwd! Ik heb het wel eens met warme sesamolie gedaan, in masseren, paar uur laten intrekken, uitwassen, ook heerlijk! De Taoïsten zeggen dat je daarmee ‘negatieve energie’ weg haalt… Je haar wordt in ieder geval heel zacht. Ik ga jou ‘hairsnot’ zeker proberen! X

  2. It sounds nice! I think I’ll try it on my hair, is not very soft lately. I knew linaza is very good for detox your stomach: you can add a teaspoon to your yogurt or drink one cup of the snot resulting of the boiling, once or twice a week. Besides one of my aunts gave me like the secret (and magic) recipe to help with an incipient gastritis. I just had to drink that cup before any meal on mornings about 30 days (yack! Is not bad taste, but try to swallow that…) I can tell I did it more or less diaily for 15 days or so… And it worked… At least for 5 o 8 years, maybe I should try it again too! See you soon!

    1. I have heard it is the miracle seed and it works good for anything and everything. Very cool stuff. I’ll try the eating with yogurt, don’t know about drinking snot though. That may be one step too fast for me haha.
      Hope to see you soon too!

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