My Very First Award

Being from Holland I did not grow up with awards. The Dutch motto mostly is: just act normal, that’s crazy enough. But I have to say that it is cool to get one and therefore…

I am proud to announce that Crazy Train to Tinky Town nominated me for the following award:

My first award ever.

I am happy to accept the award and part of the rules are that you have to share seven things about yourself. So here it goes:

  1. I do not use a mobile phone. Phoning in Mexico is just too hard and too expensive. So I prefer to use anything over the internet (chat, Skype, Facebook, this blog and of course the good ol’ email).
  2. I don’t miss Holland, but I miss my friends from Holland. We should Skype more.
  3. I have a seafood allergy.
  4. I check the statistics after I publish almost hourly, to see how many people have read my blog.
  5. I hate politics and I try to stay away from it as much as I can.
  6. I find baked beans a great comfort food. For some reason you cannot get them in Mexico. I found that very odd!
  7. I love living near the beach in a tropical climate.

I also should nominate 15 or so other bloggers for this award. I am going for the ‘or so’ option and picked the following blogs, because they make me smile and sometimes laugh out loud!

9 thoughts on “My Very First Award

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  1. You forgot that, would we have asked for it, you could have gotten one for TW (if you still remember what these letters mean 🙂 )… we’re still living on your heritage !

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