Today is not a happy day.

I know that there is crime all over the world. In every city around the globe people get killed and usually it is not much more than an article in the newspaper. Today is different, because I saw the consequences.

The victim went out early Monday morning to go do his job. He had to go fix a bus (he was a mechanic) somewhere along the boulevard in Veracruz. I don’t know whether he ever got there, or whether he disappeared on his way back. Either way, this was the last time anybody saw him. He was found two days later, killed. They had slashed his throat and cut him in various places.

What exactly happened? I don’t know. My Spanish is not good enough to get the details, and really, does it matter? Throughout the world people get killed over the most stupid reasons. Is there ever a good reason to kill someone?

I did not know the victim, but I know his sister and I see the pain and hurt on her face. I see her cry. She is crushed. His wife and children are crushed and there is nothing they can do. They don’t know what exactly happened either, but from what they know, they think he was tortured before he died. That is very hard to stomach.

As you may be aware, Mexico has a dark side. People get killed all the time. From what I understand, most victims are either journalists that write about the drug war, innocent migrants on their way to a better life in the United States or members of gangs that are in the middle of the drug war. I didn’t think being a bus mechanic was considered a dangerous profession.

I am not a religious person, I don’t think any God has anything to do with it. Other people get you killed. But right now I could do with a God to sort this shit out, immediately, and punish the killers because the Mexican judicial system cannot.

So today life sucks. But tomorrow I’ll go back to business as usual, while his family cannot. I feel deeply for them and wish them strength in these difficult times.


4 thoughts on “Why?

  1. I have read this story several times and did not want to make a glib reply. You have experienced first hand evil for what it is – well – evil. Innocent people get hurt and it seems that justice isn’t done. One of my first responses to your title Why? was – because of original sin (which is why I didn’t want to reply right away because I thought it would sound glib). G.K. Chesterton said that the only theological doctrine for which there is empirical evidence is original sin. You only have to look at human history and the daily news. Human beings who have the freedom to choose to do great good, choose to do evil.

    Interestingly, this problem of evil is the very reason that a lot of people say that God cannot exist. I think that God did come to sort our mess out, but when he did guess what? We killed him too. Fortunately for us, that was not the end of the story – the resurrection is. Which is why in spite of all the evil I still have reason to hope. Each human person has the opportunity to join the side of light.

    • Thank you for your (not glib) reply. I believe you are right about the people making the choice to either do good or evil. I don’t know whether there is a God or not, but I am sure that if He is out there, He would have nothing to do with that choice.
      When I look at how this family deals with their loss, I have hope too. They are angry and sad of course, that is to be expected. But they draw strength from their faith and I have great respect for the Mexican rituals surrounding death. Something I am definitely learning from.

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