To Battle! (1)

Today I am standing before a big task and I need to mentally prepare myself. Apparently part of the preparation is writing to you about it, as I am alone in the house and no one is here to listen to my worries, questions, complaints, etc. The task that lays ahead means that I have to destroy habitats and kill thousands and thousands of bodies. I am preparing for war and I intend to win it.

It seems that overnight millions of ants have taken up residence in our garden. The day before yesterday it was more or less ant-free. Yesterday all these sand dunes popped up from the ground and the nasty little critters tried to devour me when I walked unsuspectingly on the grass. I took that as a declaration of war.

I really don’t know how it happened or where they came from. Really, where do they come from? I can imagine a little ant wandering around, thinking of starting a nest of his/her own, but to have 30 nests in one day? That has not happened to me before. I am pretty happy to share my backyard with a few of them, but this enormous amount is just too much.  So they have to go.

This is the plan of attack:

This number of nests needs a plan…

I need weapons of mass destruction and there are several I can choose from. I am keeping the poison as a last resort. I rejected the ‘flooding with cold water’ method, as in my experience that does not work. I am going to try the ‘flooding with boiling water’ method; that seems to work in Holland and I am going to give it a try.

You may think this is a dishonest battle. After all I am bigger than them. I have to correct you there. I may be bigger than one of them, but if you compare their volume against mine, I am sure they win.

So here it goes. Keep your fingers crossed. If you do not hear back from me soon, something went horribly wrong…


2 thoughts on “To Battle! (1)

  1. Other things that (may) work.
    Create a defensive wall of (used) coffee grinds. Ants (at least dutch ants) dont like crossing used coffee grinds. (just empty the filter in the garden … )

    They also apparently dont like crossing copper (oude stuivers doen wonderen)

    If you really want to get rid of them, a mixture of water, detergent (gewoon dreft) and turpentine (10l, 200 ml, 100 ml or 100:2:1) works just as well as boiling water (and should be harmless to your plants).

    Putting the same mixtures in a pantmister is also a great way to kill of the lice.

    Good luck 🙂

    • Coffee grinds, yeah, I didn’t think of that. Will try that next time. Do you think it works on flying ants too? Or should I spray those with that mixture? I guess it is pretty obvious I never had the responsibility over a garden before…

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