After a week of shopping and preparing for the big night, it finally came! At around 5 pm everyone gathered here. (This by the way still surprises me; when you are invited at a certain hour, you just show up at that hour. We tend to always be late, especially at parties, because no one wants to be the first to arrive. Here everyone arrives on time and therefore everyone or no one is the first to arrive. It works really well and you should all try it sometime.)

Anyway, after the first pitcher of Margaritas (or was it the second?) it was finally time for the maiden run of our BBQ. In Mexico, BBQ’ing is also a man’s job. So the men were looking after the meat and condiments (mushrooms and onions), while we were taking out the rest of the food.

Sausages, burgers & marinated skewers. Potato and celery salad, satay, bacon jam, guacamole, pickles, etc.

It was a cacophony of sounds in our backyard, the music was playing, everyone was talking and laughing and the kids were having a ball doing whatever it was they were doing. My mom got a special mention for the awesome salad recipe she gave me and I would to thank my overseas friends (you know who you are) for their kind words and suggestions for the potato salad and sauces. As promised everyone thought the food was delicious!

By the end of dinner the sun had set and the table was still full of food. Everyone assured me they had eaten and that they  had eaten enough. I cannot believe I was so off with the quantities, but people tell me that is normal when hosting a BBQ. So I am eating leftover for the rest of the week.

And then, then the night really started.

I hired a Rockola without knowing exactly what that was. My husband was not too keen on the idea, but once we had paid the deposit there was no way back and he went along with it.

We thought it was some kind of karaoke machine, but it was much, much more. It came with laser lights, two microphones, a 43 inch TV and about 1000 Gb of music, both Latin and English, in all possible genres. One of our friends is Colombian and has proven that he likes good music. He told us on several occasions that from his point of view you can never have enough or too loud music. He turned out to be the perfect DJ and once the music got going, it got going! Everybody sang along the songs that were expertly chosen, and we all took turns on the microphone. I admit, the first time it was a little scary, but after that it was easy. We were all mostly off-key singers and nobody minded (well except the neighbors maybe). But no one was self-conscious about it and that is what made it so perfect! We just had fun. Even D. figured it had been an awesome idea. (so thanks G. for the tip!)

Later, much later, when everyone had left, the hubby and me had a final drink and decided that Rockolas rock, and judging by the comments on Facebook, we now all want one for Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Rockola-on

    • I can totally recommend it! And an excellent present suggestion. And since you will be celebrating here this year (right?) I will definitely keep it in mind 🙂

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