Cinco de Mayo

We are preparing for our first ever barbeque party. Apparently Cinco de Mayo is used in Canada as an excuse for a party with Margaritas and who am I to meddle with traditions. Funny enough Cinco de Mayo is not big in Mexico, according to Wikipedia it is more a celebration of the Mexican heritage and pride in the United States. But we think it is worthwhile to celebrate anyway, also because the 5th of May is a big day in Holland, where we celebrate the liberation from World War II. Enough reasons therefore and fortunately this year it is on a Saturday.

I personally never hosted a barbeque before. Mainly because I never had a garden or a BBQ for that matter and Holland just doesn’t really scream BBQ galore to me; although I know there are others who think differently. I therefore prefer to attend BBQs more than hosting them.

Our big, black and beautiful BBQ

Our big, black and beautiful BBQ

As for any party, preparations are in order and so far these consisted of the following steps. First, we couldn’t really imagine a BBQ party without a BBQ and we went out to get one. We opted for the gas option, I know most of you will prefer charcoal, but really that just generates way more heat than we need. If you are in Canada or Holland, a gathering around a burning stove is great. Here not so much.

Although, having said that, we think that Mexicans actually seem to prefer the charcoal too. This thought was initially based on the choices Home Depot offered us: four types of BBQ on charcoal and one that ran on gas. For us that made the choice easy, and Ta-dah, we are now the proud owners of a big, black and beautiful BBQ.

The second step was to attend a BBQ from friends from D.’s office. This invitation was very fortunate, because it gave us the opportunity to check out the Latin American way of BBQ’ing. I have to say their food was awesome and of a much higher standard than we ever intended ours to be. They had a Brazilian steak, and it really was to die for. I am not really a meat person, but you could just suck this meat up. Beautiful. We also learned that you cannot have meat in Mexico without guacamole. This we can totally see and we will abide by that rule.

So, now we are getting to the third step: the theme. Since we cannot reproduce food as delicious as B&J’s we decided to go with the American theme. As far as I am aware they are not really known for their gourmet food but they do fry darn good burgers. So all we need is some minced meat and a few hands to mix the stuff into a mean burger. That we can.

For condiments (sauces and salads) we are surfing the web. There are so incredibly many recipes available, how do you choose? Again, I am hosting my first BBQ ever! And unfortunately Holland is not big on potato salad and coleslaw. I don’t have secret family recipes that have been successful since the 1800’s as some of the reviewers of the recipes seem to have.

So really, I could do with your help! If you have a homemade sauce or salad to die for, mail me or leave the recipe below in the comments section. You will be given the credits on Saturday and also you will get favorable reviews. Because fortunately our guests (who may be reading this blog too) are super easy. They will eat anything and tell you it is delicious. Right? Right!


2 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo

  1. I’m sure it will be just fine I’ve tasted your cooking and I would definatly eat it again. Sorry no special recipe from me, my favorite is potatoes on the BBQ like you ones we had when you guys came to my place for supper. Main ingredients are potatoes, butter, onions and whatever else you want to throw in. I’ve even done cabbage and it was good. Top off with sour cream and it’s all good. Look forward to hearing how it went.

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