Tenga cuidado con lo que deseas

Outside temperatures according to http://www.accuweather.com; inside it is a 'little' warmer.

While in Holland the first bbqs are being fired up and the garden sets are being hosed off in expectancy of a beautiful spring and hopefully summer, we are trying to cope with very hot and humid nights. These nights do occur in Holland but that usually lasts for a few nights at the most. Here not so. It started a few days ago and the prediction is that it will get worse and will last until August or so. Initially, we thought ‘Pfff, how bad can it be?’, but we may have to reconsider.

These days, we go to bed and sleep as far apart as possible, the other person’s body heat is just too much. The fan gives a little relief, just enough to fall asleep on. Around midnight, the breeze falls away, making it hot and humid. By then we usually are asleep, but in the middle of the night we wake up. Feeling feverish. Sweat pours out and we toss and turn to try to get comfortable. (This is not a hidden reference to sex; it is too hot for that). The fan is just moving hot, humid air, it doesn’t cool you down. Every so often a breath of cool air comes through the window. Relief…

This weekend we noticed that the heat seems worse after a bit of drinking. We are trying different margarita recipes and we cannot decide which one we like best. They all seem to taste good. It is an iterative process.

I hear you thinking: ‘Why don’t they just turn on the air conditioning?’ Well, that is exactly what we do. After a half hour or so, we admit defeat and the search for the remote starts. (Obviously, it would be good practice to do this before we go to sleep, but I am afraid the margaritas interfere with our practical side.) Once found, we turn the air conditioning on and wait for the cool air (24 degrees) to make it to the bed. After that we usually fall asleep again quickly.

In the morning, when we open the bedroom door, a wall of warm, humid air hits us. And this is only spring; we are now kind of dreading the summer nights that supposedly are much, much hotter and humid. We will have to wait another 6 months for cool nights, so you guys enjoy it, ok? Living in the tropics is not always easy.


2 thoughts on “Tenga cuidado con lo que deseas

    • Uhoh, if you have a cold, you know the rest of the office is going to have it soon enough. Hmmm, maybe those hot, humid nights are not so bad 😉 Gezondheid!

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