Bienvenudo en Mexico

After some hectic weeks in Holland I was looking forward to arriving in Mexico. Somehow I had the idea that living in Mexico would be kind of like being on a permanent holiday. So far it has been!

The first day in Mexico I met our real estate agent and her friend. They toured me around Boca del Rio and showed me some exorbitant large houses for rents we actually could afford. Tempting, but all too big. After all, it is only me and D. and of course (hopefully) an endless stream of guests. Still, it seemed a little over the top to have 5 bedrooms, an office, tv room, separate living and dining room and a bbq area outside next to the pool.  There was also the appartment on the 11th floor of a building on the beach. The views were stunning and the light in the building was amazing. But, after enjoying the view and getting a mild case of vertigo, I was quite happy to go down in the very, very slow elevator.

Then there was the house of the captain and the ballet teacher. A nice, cosy place, with a lot of space and a decent outside area, only one or two blocks away from the beach. It is orange, and although that is not my favorite color, it works on a house. D. and I both fell in love with it and fortunately the price was totally right. The current owners are moving to Acapulco and preferred that we keep their maid on to work for us. Excellent, because with our current (lack of) understanding of the Mexican language it will come in handy to have someone who knows her way around.

Anyway, after finding the house we hopped on a plane to Ciudad del Carmen (different from Playa del Carmen). Definitely an oiltown, but still with a lot of character. We got our visa and a bank account and D. signed the final contract for the job. It is all for real now. The Mexicans are genuinly nice and kind. I am sure there are idiots here, but as of yet I still have to  meet one. Of course it helps that all the paperwork was taken care of by Mexican agents, all we had to do was wait and sign documents in Spanish. We may have signed all our earthly possessions away, but that does not seem the case so far.

Note that I have not mentioned the weather once up till now. While we are on the topic, the weather is awesome! I am not sure about the temperature, but I guess it is anywhere between 20 and 30 degrees (Celsius) depending on the day and whether it is cloudy or not. It rained a little the first day we were here. You don’t have to wear a jacket during the day, but at night it cools off and a sweater is then useful.

The food is amazing! I never thought I would like it as much as I do. But, I do think some kind of exercise is in order real soon, coz they don’t do ‘light’ food around here.

Anyway, currently we are residing in a school to learn Spanish or rather Mexican, which seems to differ slightly. The main thing we have learned so far is that vocabulary is everything. It is great if one knows all the conjunctions (vervoegingen), but if one does not know the verbs, that is quite useless. So, we focus on learning words, like in the old days, rows and rows and rows of words. The teachers keep speaking Mexican to us, mainly because they don’t speak a lot of English, and them we understand mostly. But, when we go out on the street to practice we are at a total loss. According to our fellow students, it gets better the more you practice. That is great, because we will have plenty of time for that. And twenty words per day should be doable, right?


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